Memories of Horror Picture

First off, character is Theola Zoe, aka the reincarnation of the Greek Goddess of Vengeance, Nemesis from my story Remember Me [link]

Second, I'm calling this Memories of Horror because it just seems to fit. This picture will coincide with the point in the story when Theola starts remembering her past life. Since, as Nemesis, her job was to kill prideful humans, I would think that those memories would cause a lot of trauma on anyone.

Third, she has no face because (if you've seen my other Remember Me pics of Nemesis) Nemesis is considered a 'faceless' goddess. Mainly because anyone who can see her, she kills (fun life huh ^^) And although this is a pic of Theola, she will be reverting back to a few past habits at this part of the story (okay, she snaps into Nemesis mode).

Lastly, I am proud to say that I did this pic off of a base of another sketch of Theola and I think this has turned out with a very good effect, almost like she isn't part of our world anymore.

Let me know what you think while I get back to my homework now
Theola Zoe (c) me
Nemesis (c) Greek Mythology
Remember Me (c) me [link]
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