Blue Lady Picture

Remember when I said I was going to try new things? Well, this is a part of it. I'd always wanted to try this kind of thing: Using simple shapes and color to produce a readable image. I'd been really inspired by the loading screens in Dragon Age 2 and by the animation in Secret of Kells.

When I sat down to do this one I told myself "no tablet" and I succeeded. Well, I did pick the thing up to sign it, but I'm going to say that doesn't count. This is all with a mouse and manipulated shapes. It really was a challenge and I think I did quite well for a beginner.

I realize it's different but try real hard to have an open mind.

***That bit where I wax on about the content and story***

On Pazour, they do have their own mythology. Part of it is about how the floating continent came to be when the Earth was cracked. It says that the Founders combined their energy and saved what they could and that they look after it still. The Great Eagle, the Lord of the Waters, Grey Crow, the Son of the Nemesis, the Queen of the Land, Gwion the White and the most mysterious of all: The Blue Lady.

She is said to have hair of blue flame and a robe made of the darkness between trees. Both achingly beautiful and profoundly ugly at the same time. With one eye of light and one eye of dark. She is said to travel through Pazour alone in the form of predatory animals or as a lone woman in a blue cloak on an enormous black horse.

What they know for certain about her is that she is very lonely and anyone who would choose to be her companion, even for a night, is marked across the chest with her symbol and will have disastrous trouble with love in the future. These men are called The Marked and they appear all over space and time and are all changed for having known her and hearing her true voice.

The Marked:
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