Nemesis Picture

Nemesis (nĕm'ĭsĭs) , in Greek religion and mythology, is the personification of the gods' retribution for violation of sacred law; the avenger. Sometimes she was said to be the goddess of good and ill fortune.

I loved to work on this one... I'm still not sure if it's finished, but it'll have to do for now.
I hope you all like it

Seriously, this is a 4000+*3000+ resized piece!

~mjranum-stock (model)
~Rach-Resources (angel wings, heavily modified)
~binarystock (dagger)
~Debi-Chiru (feathers)
=Scully7491 ~Trisste (hair brushes) (background)

Many thanks to all of you! Without you this wouldn't be possible...

©2007 Aegils
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