Gwen and her.... steed? Picture


Morpheus' spoiled only daughter. -w-'

I was originally going to do this to help me with spanish (consentida = spoiled). However, it soon grew larger than I originally inteded~ XD'

She doesn't quite look as young as she is, because I kept messing up on her head, but oh well.
And ignore how long her arm is. Ignore it, I say!

She's one of the youngest at the Chimera Carnival, but that doesn't mean she's as young as she looks.

In Earth time, 7 years = 1 year of aging.
In shorter terms, 1 week = 1 day of age.

They can still sleep if need be, but they don't really have to.
Sorta like, during summer, some people get in 15 hours of sleep or something, but only 5 when school's in session.

Back to Gwendolyn!

She's got blonde hair, a red ribbon in the back, and a gold and black beetle's mask.
Not sure what color her dress is... Something different every day, I'm sure. -w-'

She wanted a merry-go-round - Moprheous said ok.
She wanted it to be with 'mythological creatures' (some maybe not from earth) - it happened.

I couldn't think of any that I could draw without a referrence, so I drew a Capricorn.
She seems to like it.

I'm sure she's gotten lots more stuff, but I don't feel like drawing it. -w-

Gwendolyn - me

Morpheus -
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