Halcyon's Grief - Anaxi Picture

Alright, first submission to a community, so please please correct me if I'm doing something wrong.
Inspired by the greek myth of Halcyon:
To make a long story short..er, Halcyon's husband dies at sea, but she refuses to accept his death, and in so doing neglects his funerary rites. Seeing this the gods decide to let the tortured woman know without a doubt that her husband is indeed dead. Morpheus messenger/god of night and prodigious impersonator of humans takes on the shape of Halcyon's drowned husband and goes to her while she sleeps. Seeing this visage she runs down to the shore and weeps. At this point the gods deliver up the body of the downed man, but instead of gathering up the body for funeral she rushes towards the water and, changing into a small bird, flies to her husband's body caressing his face with her wings and awkward little beak and by the will of the gods, the corpse stirs and is also changed into a bird.

This story explains the birth of the bird species known as King Fishers who nest upon the open sea for two calm weeks in the heart of winter.
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