Morpheus Picture

Name: Morpheus
DOB: ?
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 250lbs (solid muscle)
Hair Color: ebony
Eye Color: gray...but changes with his moods
Skin Tone: very fair
Race: omniscient

Morpheus is the god of sleep in Greek mythology. In my own world, he is the ruler of the dream and sleep realms and often is in a foul mood except when he's around his wife Heaven. (The guy is a total sucker for that woman.) He tolerates the Dream Travelers (humans who can remember the dream world in the waking world) but doesn't particularly like them.

Nemesis is his former lover who still likes to throw their failed relationship in his face whenever he encounters her on Olympus. Which is why he forbids her to cross into the land of dreams for if she does, he has sworn to kill her.
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