Hoi Oneiroi Picture

Dr. Destiny, Dream of the Endless, and Scarecrow as the Oneiroi of DC Comics.

The Oneiroi, in Greek mythology, were the gods of dreams, sons of Hypnos, god of sleep. They lived in Erebos, the dark land beyond the sun's landing place, on the far western shores of Oceanus.

  • Phantasos, played here by Dr. D, was the god of objects in dreams. Although that doesn't quite fit his first appearance, it's a fair description of what he does with Morpheus' ruby in the Sandman comics.

  • Morpheus is here as, well, Morpheus. He was the god of people in dreams, the eldest brother, and the most powerful of the three. He sometimes appeared as a shining, golden-crowned king in people's dreams.

  • Scarecrow is Phobetor, god of creatures in dreams. I realize that's not a great description of what Scarecrow does, but... Well, while Phobetor would be in charge of that dog you dreamed of after seeing it in the pet store window, he'd also be in charge of the indescribable horror that wants to eat you. Phobetor's name is the root of the word "phobia," and he was generally thought to be behind any "melas oneiros," literally "black dream." In other words, nightmares. Seemed fitting.

The text says "Hoi Oneiroi," which is Attic Greek for "The Oneiroi," or "The Dreams."

Dr. Destiny is a combination of a source I can't recall (of him laughing at the Justice League in his first appearance) and some of my own creation; Morpheus is mostly copied from the first? issue of the Seasons of Mist storyline, though I shaded without a reference; Scarecrow I couldn't find a decent reference picture of, so I studied the features of a number of them and just drew an approximate composite. All three characters, of course, belong to DC Comics, and not to me.

I'm not sure exactly how long this took, since I drew it at work over the summer. Maybe six hours of absolute time, but I have no idea how long when you subtract my customer interruptions. #2 pencil (Papermate mechanical) and ebony on drawing paper, plus a brief Paint session for the text.

Edit: Whoops, forgot this was for the list. #12: Insanity That kinda applies to both the gods and their DC avatars.
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