Phantasos_God_of_Dreams. Picture

By: 蔵井
From: Me.

Phantasos(C) Shiori Teshirogi.

Beauty, majesty, charm... all these attributes to represent this beautiful work. I love seeing this beautiful picture of my beloved Phantasos.

Phantasos is a god of dreams. Is who governs the unreality of beautiful dreams.

Like his siblings Morpheus, Icel and Oneiros. Phantasos son and brother of the god Hypnos. It is therefore god of sleep, specifically the god of appearances. At first glance could be taken as a maid Phantasos since it has the appearance and attributes of one. This feminine aspect is only a mask under which it hides the true god, surely disrupt the enemy ... to be underestimated, or to intimidate, but in reality this figure is unknown.

Lost in the Canvas, Phantasos beside their brethren, before the El Cid of Capricorn, with which the Ikela Nightmares has a short fight in which he makes the cut arm. Phantasos tenderly praises golden knight technique, saying it is very beautiful to be a human, and at the end of the battle, gets arm deadly.

Later, Phantasos appears on your dimension, which has caught Yato and Yuzuriha, their souls remain trapped in the beautiful dreams that Phantasos their gift, and focusing on Yuzuriha, the deity licks his face, making sure that she would have a beautiful dream even though his body would decompose.

Then the dream comes to size, holding areas where monitors the dreams of the Knights of Athena, and is surprised by El Cid, who succeeds in entering the Yumekai and a short exchange of words, able to attack the golden divinity, cutting and when it reveals its true appearance.

Phantasos, vanishes ... but later revealed that he was not "killed" and that the gods are immortal and are removed to a dimension that humans would not understand, these are the words of Oneiros.

Despite not having fought, one can imagine his power with his short appearance in the manga, can bring down their enemies into a deep sleep and insert it into beautiful dreams unreal. Usually by a sweet kiss as seen in the LC.

It is a very discreet from mythology, Phantasos is only mentioned by Ovid in his Metamorphoses. The author presents it as son and brother of Hypnos and Morphée Phobetor (another name for ICEL). Phantasos is one of those dreams. The major deities personifying dreams. Parents vary according to the authors. Ovid describes them as the sons and brothers of Hypnos. The latter sends them to visit the dreams of mortals, but just as Ovid did in the most honorable and great as kings or heroes. People of high moral or social rank.

Phantasos (Fa? Tas? / Phantasós) means appearance in Ancient Greek. Like many mythological Phantasos name has an equivalent in Castilian: fantasize. When visiting a man in his dream, takes the form of solid things, inanimate objects deprived of any life and giving. This is the description of the character from Ovid. Shiori Teshirogi makes Phantasos the personification of the dreams unreal. It is surely for this reason that the breadth of the Lost Canvas plays with appearances disguised as a feminine form.
Although that does not fit with his role mythological apparition.

In this manga character is displayed along with his brothers to obey the orders of Hypnos, is both a burlesque, innocent and carefree all, quite confident in many sense of the word divinity. Cid is facing the golden knight of Capricorn, which is cut in half with his excalibur after entering the sacred dimension of dreams. They inhabit the dreamlike.
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