The Ship Graveyard Picture

This was kinda fun to make. I feared the sky and sea, things I'm certainly not confident creating but as the time flew by i realized that they are both pretty simple in there own way. Well, simple-ish!

The colours have changed dramatically from those i originally planned which were a cold blue/purple for the rocks and a lot of blue in the sky along with puffy pink clouds ha ha. I think the new scheme looks far better, much warmer and works with the setting.

The ships in the background were a hassle simply cause i cant stop them looking crap. Really not happy with them. Looks better than it did though, at one time the whole foreground sea area was filled but they contrasted with the detail in the sea so out they went. I was unsure as to what colour to do them too. What colour are ghost ships? (don't say black cause that would not have worked!)

Anyone think I went overboard with the purple? I think there are quite a few large areas which don't work so well such as the space below the hair. Ah well, its done now.
Surprisingly i have only spent about 2 days colouring this image in which is a short amount of time for me. This is due to getting an A4 tablet so everything seems to be
happening so much faster. Though for some stupid reason I thought by getting a tablet I would suddenly be amazing at this colouring lark. Oh well, I'll just have to practice all the more
Oh yeah, haha i'm such a spaz and forgot to mention its supposed to be the Siren from greek Mythology. As she sings, sailors become infatuated by the sound and as they attempt to get to her they shipwreck upon the rocks that surround her. Nice story eh? Birds are associated with her too.

I thought I would dedicate this image to a friend -
Anyway, thanks for checking this image out, hope to get some more up soon.

Full view please

Mythology series
Lamia -
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Black Pilot pen, Photoshop, intuos3 WACOM tablet, 2 days

Thanks for looking
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