the_hounds_of_Morpheus Picture

About the title: in Greek mythology Morpheus was the most powerful/strongest of his siblings, the children (sons) of Hypnos the god of sleep.

the thousand sons of Hypnos were called the Oneiroi. the difference between Morpheus and his brothers is that he alone seemed to have the power to shape men's dreams in a very broad and general sense, while it seems most of the others could manipulate only particular aspects or facets of dreams.

Any how I figured that were the dream lord to have hounds they most likely would not look any thing like "hounds" at least for the most part. hence there is only one thing that is remotely hound like in this drawing ^.^

moreover the creatures are each pulling out/apart/away from one another from their shared body as one readies to pull away from the others another begins to take shape in the flesh that they share.
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