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Augustine Janssen

Age: 16
Height: 6'2" (188cm) in bare feet, sometimes slightly taller with boots.
Weight: 150lbs (68kg)
Birthday: February 19th
Race: Demigod
Sex: Male
God-Parent: Morpheus
Mortal Parent(s): Linnéa Janssen

Morphine Dream
Augustine can create the effects of opiates, from a form of weak morphine to a maximum strength similar to heroin. The effects include euphoria, numbness, drowsiness, and feel as if their limbs are heavy. The effects can last from half an hour to six hours depending on the strength of the dose. Like with real opiates, the use of this power can build up a tolerance and eventually become addicting to its users; Augustine must use it with care against those he would not want to harm. This power is used through skin contact, or through coming in contact with body fluids (including but not limited to blood or saliva) belonging to Augustine while he's using this power. For example, someone could become effected either if he touched their bare wrist with his hand, or nicked them with a dagger that he had bled on.

The Dreaming
This power effects up to ten people of Augustine’s choice, within his line of sight. Augustine can create a vivid dreamscape, and has complete control over the illusion. Athena children might be able to be unconvinced due to their hyper logical minds, but to most it would look and feel stunningly realistic, like most dreams do to the person in them.

The illusions he can produce include but are not limited to creating figures or creatures, drastically changing the environment (having chunks of it fall away or float), blocking out the areas true surroundings completely, changing his appearance, changing the appearance of his victims (such as having it appear as if limbs are melting or vanished, though it causes them no physical pain or harm), and creating very mild weather conditions such as breezes or slight chills. All illusions can produce sound and seem tangible to both Augustine and his victims.

Any feeling of falling, or small pains, or blows that feel about as hard as a sturdy smack in the chest will break the illusion (consider the sensations that wake you from a dream). Note that this power also works on Augustine, which means his perception of what’s going on around him is altered if it completely changed his surroundings. This power ceases to work if he loses consciousness or if his concentration is broken (for example, if he was attacked).

Weapon: None.

Personality: Augustine is quite and watchful. While he's not as cheerfully outgoing as some he still enjoys meeting new people, though how easily he befriends them can vary. If situations go sour or he's intimidated, he'll often avoid eye contact, fidget, and/or try to retreat (either by physically moving away or drawing his coat closer around him). Once he counts someone as a friend he's a lot more open around them. He has a slightly dark sense of humour, and can even resort to gallows humour if the situation presents itself.

Deadly Flaw: Curiosity. He adores the world of a demigod, and is curious about every aspect of it. However, this can lead him into danger if he lets his interest overpower his sense of self preservation.

Born in Portland, Maine, Augustine spent much of his young life absorbed in works of fantasy. He never related well his peers, and it wasn't until his teens that he started befriending those above him in age. He was the product of a fling, and Linnéa was without knowledge of who Morpheus was and lacked the ability to see through the mist. She tried to relate, but while well intentioned her attempts usually just disrupted the environment Augustine had made for himself.

As is the case with most demigods, Augustine was claimed when he was thirteen. He had a bit of a knack for spotting monsters or the more helpful of mythological creatures before this time, so the revelation was not very startling for him. While he wasn't sure what his claiming meant, he did eventually try to talk to his mother about the creatures he'd seen. When he refused to say that he'd just made it up, Linnéa became convinced that something had gone wrong and her son was hallucinating.

He spent the next few years in and out of mental wards as Linnéa tried to get some sort of diagnosis. Augustine tried to cooperate, but never admitted to behaviours or symptoms that he didn't have. Linnéa became increasingly frustrated, and her son became increasingly distant and hostile.

Eventually a satyr tracked him down and, posing as a doctor, convinced Linnéa that there were others with Augustine's problems. He presented Camp Half-Blood (under a different name, of course) as a place where they were learning to treat these issues. Desperate to have some sort of solution and wishing to have her life back, Linnéa agreed to let him go. They haven't spoken much since then, though Augustine occasionally sends home a letter or two so she doesn't get too anxious or try to investigate further into the camp.

Other Info:

  • He adores works of fiction, specifically fantasy and horror. His Neil Gaiman collection is extensive. It's recommended that you don't touch any of his books After an incident involving his mother seeing them as a bad influence he's become very protective of them. Also enjoys campy cult films like Phantom of the Paradise and Rocky Horror.

  • He likes layers, and often wears long sweatshirts. His arms are rarely left uncovered. Outside? Coat. At the baths or in his cabin? Bathrobe or housecoat. He get cold easily, so he can even be seen wearing a thing long sleeved shirt during the summer months. If it's too hot outside for that he'll just hide indoors.

  • While he gravitates towards a darker colour palette he has nothing against his variation of the camp shirt. However he rarely wears vivid shades, preferring to keep things muted.

  • He can drift off almost anywhere, though his preferred napping place is the nest he's made out of his bed. When away from his cabin he'll put his back to something, tuck in his knees, and use his coat as a blanket.

  • His weight is caused by a mix of a slim build, a high metabolism, and questionable eating habits. As a side effect he's mildly anemic, and though it's not a huge health concern yet it adds to his fatigue. While he's aware, he tends not to mention the problem after a few too many replies of "isn't that a woman thing".

  • Low pain threshold. It can be embarrassing.

  • Was raised bilingually, so he can speak fluent Swedish.

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