PKMN Midnite Waltz: Team Slumber Leader Picture

In Pokemon Midnite Waltz the evil team "Team Slumber" has 7 admins divided into 2 units under the team leader. Each unit has a different task and functions a different way. The leader of team is Morpheus and he is an insomniac. His longing for sleep brought him to hear of a legendary Pokemon that could induce sleep to any living thing no matter their condition. Morpheus wants to share the gift of sleep with everyone so he's made it his goal to create a "Final Sleep" which will not only make him sleep but the rest of the Luna region if not the world. He sees this as not an evil plan but obviously since you're forcing people against their will to sleep that's obviously evil.

So "Morpheus" is a mythical god of dreams or sleep; dreaming of sleep is the goal so it fits. And since he's such a groggy character, he doesn't have the alertness to be a trainer so he just leads the team with knowlege which is his power. He knows a lot about the people he works with and knows a lot about the region and it's mythology so it makes him an ideal leader.

Team Slumber Leader (c) Me
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