Hypnos and Morpheus Picture

Looking into Greek mythology, I have come up with another idea for a concept of a god for the Kid Icarus series.

Introducing Hypnos, the God of Sleep (left), and his cohort, Morpheus, the God of Dreams (right).

Hypnos lives in the Realm of Dreams. His job is to make sure everyone, humans, gods, angels, etc. fall asleep and record their dreams. He's an easy-going god, but getting him angry in his world leads to trouble. His powers mirror that of Dyntos, but they are forbidden to leave the Realm of Dreams. Just as well, though; he finds the physical rules of the waking world to be droll and boing.

Hypnos's cohort is Morpheus. Morpheus's job is to take the images inside sleepers' heads and fashion dreams from them. He loves to create nightmares more than sweet dreams, but Hypnos keeps him in check. He's charismatic, upbeat, but a bit of a sociopath. His creations come from the veil he wears on his shoulders.

Both Hypnos and Morpheus command grain-like creatures called Sandmen. The sandmen primarily tend to the library that houses all the dreams Hypnos records. They are docile creatures, but once given the command, they are relentless.

The concept of Hypnos and Morpheus belong to me.
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