Aftertime- Chapter Forty Picture

I wrote the first half of this right after the last complete chapter, but couldn't work out how to start the second half afterwards. I wanted to include something about Wye, but it just wasn't going anywhere so soon after the last time, so I resolved the encounter with the Horror.

I've also started capitalising its name/title. I don't think it fits with the futuristic setting, where there's far more of a scientific, rather than mythological background, so I sort of phased it in. I've always referred to the 'thing' on the Aludra XIII as a "horror," or "horrible" even before it was actually introduced. I was worried that it would be too obvious.

As it comes up here, I think I should point out that Moro is sort of a knock at some of the problems I see in modern science. It seems like there can be a lot of cruelty involved, and it's not always entirely necessary.

This is rare for me, as my usual pet peeve is religion. Not as a whole, but in places where it's distinctly harmful. People should be allowed (or better still, encouraged) to believe what they want- but that doesn't mean that it should be taught in schools.
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