doodle O: Picture

hehehe lol

this is just a doodle, about 20 mins or sth... xD
and... I can't draw horns to save my life ;u;
but I love them and I need to practise more since I have ~ 15 ocs with ... horns.

I need a name for him. Something with 'Ker' or 'Moros' would be nice, because he's a demon and I want to relate their names to the Greek mythology. Ker is ( Wikipedia (; ) the representation of the violent death and Moros is the god of doom... oh boy, I'm writing way to much xD

alright. he's a demon, he's one of the bad boys from my (new) story/comic/game/whatever idea Gate Keeper xD

like... Demons vs. Gate Keepers...
maybe more explanation later & so on c:

duuuude, I totally neglect my game idea and... my comic ideas and...
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