Want to be Anything Else Picture

Beast: The Raijuu
Head Count: 1
True Name: Akanou ("the Lightning God", "A Flash in the East")
Sounds Like: Alan Oppenheimer [ the G'mork from "The Neverending Story"]
Known Host: Uchiha Sasuke
Leitmotif: Requiem for a Tower

The only single-headed Beast, the Raijuu is often considered the most ‘normal’ of his kin, but that’s not saying much. His true name is Akanou.

The Raijuu is an enormous wolf with two tails and piercing bright ice-blue eyes. Its fur is a blend of silvers and stormy blues with a ruff of long fur around his neck, throat and shoulders, barely obscuring his collar-mark. His voice is very deep and masculine and he has an easily triggered temper.

The Raijuu does not like being known as a Beast, preferring to identify himself as a Wolf Spirit. He is careful to groom his ruff over his collar-mark, hiding it as best he can. His relationships with his fellow Beasts vary from distain to outright dislike and pressing the issue is guaranteed to set him off.

The Raijuu’s powers revolve around lightning and storms, he can shoot bolts with precision and at varied range, and his howls are loud enough to shake the land. When in battle, the Raijuu’s chakra materializes as a pair of wing-like structures at his shoulders, all his fur standing on end in mad disarray. While he does have complete control over his powers, any time he goes berserk can cause dangerous thunderstorms in his wake, even growing into tempests if he is not calmed down. Old legends suggest that humans caught in his turmoil would seek the help of local wolf packs and even Okami spirits to curb his rage.

Despite being rather standoffish in nature, the Raijuu is a social creature and will eventually attempt to connect with his host. His reputation with previous holders is varied; most found him unbearable to deal with, but a few did consider him amiable and even helpful at times.

Akanou’s reputation with other Yokai/Animal Spirits is significantly better than the rest of the Beasts combined. He is very polite and civil to them, and for the most part he is quite welcome with the Okami packs. If only his temper didn’t keep getting in the way...


Things Akanou does like:
- Meat
- Running free
- Wolves/Okami
- Moonlit mountain nights
- A few of his hosts

Things Akanou does not like:
- All the other Beasts
- Humans
- Stupid questions
- Being indoors/confined
- Most of his hosts
- Wolves in any sort of peril
- Cabbage
- Citrus fruits
- Loads of other things

Akanou’s design was inspired by a mix of various wolves in media; "Balto", the Russian "Maugli", "Wild Kratts", etc... but particularly by Moro in “Princess Mononoke” (the Japanese version), for the voice and twin tails.
This design may be subject to change, but right now all it needs is a color-scheme!
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