RWBY Character: Stilik Moro Picture

All right, this character is a bit different from my last one. This time I went for the mercenary type of persona, a great fighter but ultimately a figure of self interest. All friendships are based on contract, either by monetary services or in full co-operation and partnership. Unlike other conventional huntsmen he does not serve the public directly and may take part in affairs of the deviant kind.

As far as deeper back-story is concerned, he is like many an outcast of sorts. In fact, his family has been for a couple of generations. Always fighting for the underdog, his ancestors fought on the rebel side of the Faunas Wars. This was both done out of disillusion with the political rhetoric on the part of the leading human factions and to obtain the freedom to pick and choose battles and enemies under more personal moral standings.

As far as the name is concerned, it is based both on fact and fiction. Stilik is based on the Roman General Stilicho, who although was not a mercenary he was descendant of Germanic soldiers who fought as auxiliaries in the late Western Empire. He's a bit of a tragic figure because despite his creditable leadership in leading armies and as an acting emperor his heritage would haunt him even after his death. The Western Empire had deep prejudices against Germanic soldiers, even those who were born with Roman citizenship, thus when he died there was a systemic massacre of entire families that belonged to these hired troops. (an act that would plague the empire a few years later in 410 C.E.)

Lastly, the name Moro is based off the Italian word for Moore, a reference to Othello, the Moorish general and prince contracted in the military of Venice. Although the play does not directly say he is a mercenary, it is strongly implied. Like Stilik, the name refers to a tragic figure who despite having competent military skills and is hired to do para-military things, the person is ultimately doomed by society as a target for outright prejudice.

Thus, we have Stilik Moro the man who is set as an outcast by society despite doing society's dirty work because of his family's background in its support for Faunas rebels during the war.

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