ROTG OC - Momus Inked Picture

Now that I'm awake (last night I was getting doped up by my sleep meds Oo;.... so I couldn't say much about this character), I can explain this character.

This is supposed to be the foil to Marcaria (remember, she's the spirit of April Fools Day). He's based on the Greek God of the same name, who is the personificastion of satire, mockery, and censure.

He's cold-hearted, angry-prone, and often picks on everything around him, finding fault with ANYTHING that catches his eyes. Versus Marcaria who is overall a good and kind spirit, it's strange that the two would be drawn toward each other.

It'll turn out that they'll each need each other. Momus isn't really a BAD guy, it's just how he is - as the figment of the God Momus (there are many, many more like him in all sorts of mythology - I'm going on the basis that what we know as mythology could be real in the RoTG universe and they were 'created' when mankind made up their mythology).
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