Melinoe Picture

Melinoe, the goddess of ghost, is the second daughter of Hades and Persephone. She is the younger sister of Macaria and the older sister of Zagreus. She is in a relationship with Triton, son of Poseidon and Amphitrite, and their union symbolizes the alliance between the underworld and oceans.
In mythological times, Melinoe often accompanied Macaria to the surface with its attendant ghost to scare humans and choose certain souls for them to do as part of his guard, it is his presence that dogs howled and barked. It is during one of these times she met Triton. They became fast friends and as time passed, their friendship tranforma love.
She was sent into the world of dreams with his sister and brother for protection of holy war. But could not bear to do nothing while his father risked his life, she helped Macaria to convince the gods of dreams to participating in the war in 1743.
After the resurection of his father and the signing of the peace deal, she returned to the underworld and was able to resume contact with her lover.

Melinoe is a young goddess kind and cheeky who loves to scare people, whether humans or gods. Zeus would often call her when he wanted to teach a lesson to his children.
It has a dual cosmos (both dark and light), which gives it an enchanting area but also spooky. His anger may rival that of his father but also his mother, who had the misfortune to see Persephone angry.
She loves above all his parents and his brothers and sister. For them, it is ready for anything, even their lie and act in their backs. But it is also very much in love Triton, her lover, with whom she spends a lot of time.

PS: It also has a feature of its own, in the dark, his eyes began to shine. This is also what frightened to humans when she went to the surface at night when they came out they saw the eyes shining in the dark. And his hair became white night (this is why humans believed that his body half white and half black)
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