Melinoe and Macaria Picture

So, I got to looking at old mythology, and looked up the greek. I always liked Disney's Hercules, so I went and looked along the original story.

I looked at the Myth of Persephone and Hades. Surprisenly, this God and Goddess were probably the most faithful husband and wife. So I thought...what of their children? There were very few, but I did find 'em.

Meet Melinoe and Macaria

Melinoe was the Greek Goddess of Ghost. She rode around the world with a "train of spirits" each night, explaining why dogs bark at nothing. She is said to be the daughter of Zeus, but has been also cited as the daughter of Hades, too. But she is the daughter of Persephone.

Macaria was original one of the Heracleidae (decendents of Hercules). She had and was willing to be sacirified in the honor of Persephone to prevent a tragedy, and she had that Spring named after her. Sometime later, the name Macaria appeared again, except this time she was the Goddess of "Bliss Death." She is listed as the daughter of Hades, usually through Persephone.

So, I Disney-fied them a little, and we got our little Goddesses here. Melinoe is still the Goddess of Ghost, and Macaria has the title of "Goddess of the Fields." She helps maintain and run places like the Elysian Fields, but more so to their structuture then the actual souls.

I am planning on coloring these. Melinoe is going to be black and white and gray. She wares robes like her father because she is a God of Death in a reguard, but note her pin on her outfit is of a ghost and not of a skull. Macaria is a little more lighter with her clothing. She will be purple with green hair. She's also the younger sister. Melinoe has similar bone structure to her mother and form, but she does looke a bit like her father. Macaria is a mix, having Persephone's eyes, but Hade's lips and cheek-bones, just less drastic.

They were fun to draw.

(In the background, Hades is telling Persephone "She gets it from you" Meaning that Melione's need to explore everything and dragging her baby sister along for the ride isn't exacly understood to daddy.)
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