Orthrus Picture

Function: Base Defense
Primary Weapon: Double Slime Cannons
Transformation: Two-Headed Dog

In an attempt to get more troops from sparing resources, Echidna tried to divide a single protoform and spark five ways, intending to artificially create quintuplets. The attempt was a partial success, producing the twins Orthrus and Cerberus.

Due to the division process, Orthrus suffers some mental instability – though entirely coherent in robot mode, in beast-mode each of his two heads has a distinct personality. The mental merging that occurs during transformation is not unlike that observed among some gestalt transformers.

In Orthrus’s case the robot personality seems to be the ‘complete’ one, competent and well adjusted (as a Predacon can be). In beast-mode, his two heads represent extreme divisions of his personality. The right head is forever paranoid and somewhat manic, while the left one is laid-back to the point of being a fault. The right one incessantly berates the left one for not being more concerned, and not taking their duties overseeing defense of Mt. Aetna more seriously. The left head often falls asleep during these lectures.

In combat however, they make a formidable pair in spite of their differences. Both of them enjoying chasing down and mauling Maximals, and although Right-Orthrus takes to the task with greater seriousness and professionalism than Left-Orthrus, neither of them likes anything more than playing tug of war with a captive.

Strengths: Orthrus’s sense of hearing and smell are only outdone by those of his brother, Cerberus, who has the advantage of yet another head. In beast-mode, Orthrus is fast, and his jaws are powerful. In either mode, he can launch volleys of corrosive saliva and adhesive mucus at enemies.

Weaknesses: Orthrus likes to claim that he always has two eyes open during guard duty. Unfortunately, Left-Orthrus is much less dedicated than Right-Orthrus, and it is not unusual for him to space-out or fall asleep altogether when it is his turn. This forces Right-Orthrus to work double-shifts, depriving him of sleep, and making his paranoia and mania even more extreme. Orthrus is incapable of ambushing intruders, as he instinctively raises the alarm with loud barking before attacking. He has, on occasion, been incapacitated by Left-Orthrus foolishly eating tainted meat thrown to him by the Maximals.
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