racism formula Picture

While I was in the mental institution I met a man who was schizoid-effective with severe mania. Just before I left he gave me a painting he had done which fulfilled one of his delusions, he called it a mathematical formula to solve racism and asked me to do a poem about it. Well here it is. It doesn't really look like a mathematical equation to be honest... he even admitted having no idea what the whole thing was about, he just felt driven to paint it. But who am I to dispel the notion that it can't be possible, perhaps some sort of universal truth could be obtained from the painting, something which I am too simple to understand or even observe. Perhaps, we should take the mentally unstable a little more seriously, for if a man says he is a god, or christ reborn, lucifer or an alien, perhaps he is merely a very foolish incarnation of those so far known mythologically entities. But who am I to say ^^
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