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Not my proudest slide ... I think this one is my suckiest, but whatever xp Also, I may not have access to a comp on Saturday or Sunday morning so those may either be late or I'll post them later today .. maybe later today, I have to see what they are again ...

Life has been hellish for me right now. I cannot say publicly since people who have stated their opinions on touchy subjects like this have been berated, harshly in my opinion. If you wanna know specifically you can note me so it's private. I may message a few people just because this has been so grueling on me, I'm exhausted. We're getting out tablets today in Graphic Arts, and most of the time I'm pretty damn elated, but now I can't even muster a simple "hooray" because I'm so exhausted, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Toodlepip.

As a young child whose main exposure to media was the computer, I learned of these awesome computer games I could install to play on my computer for extra fun. Equivalent in a way to most of your “video games”, but back then I had no idea what those really were since I myself did not have a game console to play those with. So I stuck to my computer playing my role-plays, writing silly stories that made no sense every few months, and playing these wicked fun games called Zoo Tycoon and Age of Mythology.

Zoo Tycoon had the longest running streak with all of its upgrades that could be added to it like Marine Mania or Dino Diggs. The first Zoo Tycoon came out back in 2001. In this game you are the manager of a zoo, and you have to manage it. Buy animals, attract visitors, and manage that money. The graphics weren’t so great, but it was littered with the best cheats ever. There was this one cheat where you could make everyone stop what they were doing and throw up, let all of the animals loose or do something else that’s crazy. When the upgrade Zoo Tycoon 2 came out in 2004, I was hooked. The graphics were smoother, you didn’t have to manage a Zoo if you just wanted a pride of lions to look after, but there was one catch. No cheats. This made me a very sad little girl, but I became satisfied with the fact that when you spun the globe really fast, people screamed like crazy. Spin it fast enough and you can hear ‘em lose their lunch.

Age of Mythology came out in 2001 and helped spin my imagination in another direction, not necessarily away from animals but more towards mythology and things of magic and the unknown. The main campaign started you off with Arkantos, Atlantian general who was trying to stay out of the Trojan War and fight feeble pirates that dared to attack his homeland, but was soon thrust into it once those dreaded pirates stole Posieden’s trident! The story line just snowballs from there, and you must act as the general of the campaign and instruct everyone on what to build, who to attack, where to go etc. Unfortunately for me, I could never get past level 3, maybe 4, but my Dad was a whiz at this whole ‘self-confidence’ thing so he totally beat all 32 levels in a relatively short time. This allowed me much cheating room, and to discover my favorite character of the series, Chiron, who was the wisest, kindest centaur who loved and looked after all of his friends and soldiers. He was my Optimus Prime when I didn’t have one to look up to.

Zoo Tycoon & Age of Mythology © Microsoft Games
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