Kememon Evoline Picture

Woop these guys are actually supposed to be in my next month's digimon drawing quota but I decided to try to finish them around when the months change~
Digimon redrawing continues!

Kememon the Aztec cyborg rat. Aztec cyborg is a pretty... Weird aesthetic, but damn, it works. Or maybe I've just grown so accustomed to it that it works? 8''''D Kememon is the "cousin" to Sysirauta's Sichanmon.
Kememon's line went through quite a revamp - I wanted Kememon to look more like a rat, and the overall line to look more Aztec and less urban. I also decided that I don't have to force all the forms to try to be the same animal and Huecoymon was always a coyote anyway, so now the Adult stage is a... Something, and the Perfect is a dog.
This has already been repeated but this evoline is based on rats (and dogs (Inca Orchid especially) and coyotes), Aztec mythology and cyborgs! This is also one of my evolines where the digimon's personality significally changes when it evolves, since Kememon is an awkward nerd and Xochimon and especially Huecoymon are pretty much tricksters.

USBmon - Sendoomon - Kememon - Chicomexmon - Xochimon - Huecoymon

Partner(s) - None (ATM).
Featured in - Nowhere ATM.

This digimon is equipped with the X-Antibody!


Name Origin: Computer technology. USB port/USB cable.
Level: Baby I.
Type: Machine.
- Red Eye Flash - flashes red, blinding laser beams from his eyes.
Personality: He mostly keeps to himself and avoids contact, but is overall a polite little computer mouse and probably wouldn’t mess up your harddrive. Probably.
Trivia: Computer mouse shaped digimon with a USB port on its tail and the ability to store 2 GB of data on the flash drive located in its tail. There are many kinds of them around, but the Data variety is one of the only ones able to evolve.

Name Origin: Japanese. Sendô = cable.
Level: Baby II.
Type: Machine.
- USB Shock - weak electric shock from the tip of his tail.
Personality: He keeps out of trouble and avoids other digimon because he doesn’t want to fight.
Trivia: Though it looks organic, it’s actually a mechanic digimon, with some parts covered with fur. The USB stick on its tail can store 4 GB of data.

Name Origin: Turkish. Keme = rat.
Level: Child.
Attribute: Data.
Type: Cyborg.
Family: Metal Empire.
- Piercing Claw - attacks the opponent with his right hand's claws.
Gatling Dance - attacks the foe physically with kicks and his tail.
- Cyber Shocker – bites the foe with electrically charged fangs. May paralyze on contact.
Personality: Somewhat serious, calm, clever and polite digimon, Kememon is quite knowledgeable about the principles of the Digital World and relies on logic (though by human standards Digital World logic is quite odd sometimes) to solve any obstacles. When he faces situations – or people – that he can’t wrap his head around, he easily gets confused. Though he knows a lot about a lot of things, he’s not overly creative in coming up with ways to handle problematic situations. He’s quite sensitive about his own feelings and not overly confident, especially when he’s out of his own element. He dislikes violence unless it’s the only solution. His personality is quite… Serious and nerdy for someone who evolves into trickster digimon on his higher levels. It kind of confuses him, too.
Trivia: A rat-shaped digimon equipped with the X-Antibody, it seems mostly organic, but its right eye, tail, and most of its insides are mechanic. Its right eye is equipped with weak thermal vision software. With its X-Antibody and machine parts, it’s physically stronger than most Child-stage digimon. Though it's a cyborg, its origins are said to be in an ancient culture.

Name Origin: Aztec mythology. Chicomexochitl, “Seven Flower” was the patron god of painting and writing. This name was used for the god Xochipilli as the patron god.
Level: Adult.
Attribute: Data.
Type: Cyborg.
Family: Metal Empire.

- Maul Bolt - attacks the foe with his obsidian claws.
- Iron Fissure - smacks the foe with his tail, with enough force to crack fissures on the ground.
- Jaguar Jaw – bites the foe painfully with his (half) metal jaws.
Personality: Basically the same as Kememon, though Chicomexmon is more arrogant and doesn't get flustered so easily, and acts cockier while fighting – rather than Kememon who mostly just panics in a fight.
Trivia: Becoming more and more robotic from outside and inside, there isn't all that much organic matter left in Chicomexmon. The metal spikes on its shoulders act as lightning rods, conducting electricity and giving Chicomexmon a boost in power. However too much electricity might instead cause its robotics to short circuit. Though it's a quadruped digimon, with its sturdy robot legs and heavy tail, it can walk on its hind legs as well, but not for long. Equipped with the X-Antibody, it's physically strong. It takes special pride on its right hand claws, which are made from obsidian and are sharp as knives.

Name Origin: Aztec mythology. Xochipilli, “Flower Prince”, was the god of art, games, beauty, dance and song.
Level: Perfect.
Attribute: Data.
Type: God Man.
Family: Metal Empire.
- Trippin’ on a Fantasy – splotches black paint on the opponent’s face and eyes with the paint brush end of his weapon, causing them to see illusions that make them lose fighting spirit. Most of the time these illusions are quite pleasant.
- Lightning Rod – stabs the foe with the knife end of his weapon, releasing a bolt of electricity straight in the opponent’s body as he strikes.
- Step Mania – starts to dance, attempting to confuse the foe and perhaps immobilize them by forcing them to dance too. (It’s a lot easier to prompt his foe to start dancing too if G has already been used, because Xochimon’s suggestions sound a lot nicer after a nice illusion trip.)
Personality: Though Xochimon has basic qualities from Kememon’s personality, he is a lot more confident, brave and outgoing, and more creative – both in general and with coming up with solutions to problem situations. He’s still not all that eager to fight, and would rather solve conflicts by playing games. When he does fight, he doesn’t take fighting super seriously.
Trivia: God Man digimon equipped with the X-Antibody, despite its seemingly frail body, it’s physically strong. However as a self-proclaimed god of games, dance and song, it rarely uses its physical prowess in a fight, and is more likely to convince its opponent to dance and play with it. Even if it looks ancient, it has highly advanced cybernetic limbs and insides. It wields a magical double weapon,
Macuilxochitl, which has the other end as a paintbrush Xochimon uses to create illusions, and the other end is a sharp obsidian knife it uses in combat.

Name Origin: Aztec mythology. Huehuecoyotl, “Very Old Coyote”, was the auspicious god of music, dance, mischief and song.
Level: Ultimate.
Attribute: Data.
Type: God Man.
Family: Metal Empire.
- Fantasy Rumba – plays a beat with his drum, casting a spell that forces his foes to stop what they were doing and dance instead. The spell is sound-based and can be resisted if the drumbeat can’t be heard.
- Nightmare Beat – plays a beat with his drum, casting a spell that forces his foes to attack their own friends instead of Huecoymon. Sound-based magic.
- Cry Thunder – plays his drum, summoning a storm cloud that strikes dozens of lightning bolts at his foe. The attack can be interrupted if Huecoymon’s playing is interrupted before the storm cloud forms.
- Coyote Knife – slashes the foe painfully with his obsidian claws, charged with holy energy of the Holy Ring on his right wrist.
Personality: More like Xochimon than Kememon, Huecoymon is even more confident and laid back than Xochimon is. He would very much rather play games and pull pranks on others than fight, and if prompted to battle, he won’t take it seriously at all and will definitely play dirty if he thinks it’ll make things more amusing. Though he at first glance seems like a totally different person than Kememon, he still retains Kememon’s good qualities, even if he’s way more laid back than Kememon is.
Trivia: Ultimate-level God Man digimon with the X-Antibody inside its core. It seems to hail from an ancient culture, but the robotic parts of its body are highly advanced and made from Chrome Digizoid. Its mechanical arm is equipped with obsidian claws and it’s a fearsome fighter, but unless given a good enough reason, it doesn’t enjoy fighting. It would rather play its drum,
Cuetzpallin, using its mechanic tail as a drumstick and make everyone dance out of happiness. The drum itself has the ability to cast powerful magic, though…

Digimon (c) Bandai/TOEI.
Kememon and his forms are mine - expect USBmon who was designed by Sysirauta!

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