(Named in honor of the Makhai from Wrath of the Titans)

When we recovered from the fall, we saw several four-legged predators gathered around the area. These looked as scary as the Makhai in Greek mythology, so I called them Makhaisaurus.

Makhaisaurus was not a dinosaur, but a rauisuchian. Rauisuchians are large archosaurs closely related to dinosaurs. Their armored plates on the back act like razors, cutting attackers that try to bite them in the back or neck. They chase down their prey, and can use their size to chase other predators away from their kills in order to steal them. The racket we ran into is a mating ritual.

Male Makhaisaurus rattle their back plates to impress the females. The loudest rattles win. We saw a large male trying to court a female, but she walks away uninterested. As he pursues her, a younger male confronts him. They eventually start biting until the younger rival backs down, and he takes his anger out on us the moment he saw us, and we had to leave the area.
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