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Sounga is a MLP Version of Surt to become a Surt male alicorn.

==== History ====
"Surt" In Norse mythology Surt rules the land of fire, Muspelheim, guarding the entrance of this realm with his shining sword (Laevateinn) that is said to be brighter than the sun. It is also said to be the creator and the destroyer, as the fires of his realm created the stars of the heavens, and later during Ragnarok, it will rain down fire unto all land.

==== Profile ====
Sounga is main antagonists of upcoming Idea of "My Little Persona" a fan made crossover with Between of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Persona series.

in back after end of May 7, 2012 in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Sho Minazuki went back to P-1 Grand Prix controll room where a hidden door to see him and talk to him what happen his owner master("Hi-no-Kagutsuchi") been defeat by Mitsuru Kirijo and OC Steve Sandgo, and then he gonna take revenge and he take over to controll room to setup until Spetember 10, 2012 to capture them.

Sounga command hijack to capture them in limo before Twilight Sparkle's Persona show up defeat hijack and rescue Mitsuru and OC Steve before crash, Sounga ask Sho to "where is it?", Sho didnt tell him but he dont know anything, and before he kill him with his dark alicorn magic to stab Sho with his sword and borrow one sho blade sword. he set a trap of "Investigation Team" and the "Shadow Operatives" in TV World/Minight Channel to ask them to "Where is Mitsuru Kirijo and OC Steve Sandgo?" and them "Labrys" know awsners after she got files of video footages when Fuuka Yamagishi working on it, and then he find out about it Sounga take with "Investigation Team" and "Shadow Operatives" teleport to Tartarus where Ponyville City Hall at Equestria

* Plume of Dusk
* Magic

* Sho Minazuki's one blade sword

* Brony-Kagutsuchi (MLP Version of Hi-no-Kagutsuchi)

* Devil, and Emperor

* Sounga is a name where after "InuYasha the Movie 3: Swords of an Honorable Ruler" was a Demon Sword.
* Plume of Dusk are a key item in the Persona series. Crystalline substances named after their aesthetic similarity to feathers. They are noted to be vital, "similar to a living thing, yet different" as well as said to "exist in a state between mind and matter, mass and information", a description harkening back to that of the Velvet Room.

Base is (C)
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