Mnemo Kin Picture

Okay, that's a bad pun... really. Mneme will probably make me an amnesiac for screwing up her name to turn Mnemosyne into Mnemo (Which, I believe, means no-one, or nobody, but that might have been Nemo, not Mnemo)

I got on during the base set, and not one of the expansion packs. (Although I really wish I could have been Muse!Thalia because Kin's such a character)

I tried to do something a bit more solemn, since Kin just loves to be crazy. And the idea of memory and Mnemosyne seemed to call for something more subdued. The pose came easily, though.

It took me forever to find an outfit I liked, and was half-tempted to just make her into Sailor Mnemosyne.

Of course, Sailor Mnemosyne was a major influence on the dress. She and Lethe had pretty nice, more-roman-than-greco sailor dresses. I ditched the collar, lengthened the dress some, and added something that ended up more Mayan or Aztec than Greek, but still somewhat greek, over the top half.

But what I love most is the sunset over the wine blue water. That turned out amazing.

...Wine blue? Clearly you haven't read the Illiad.

And I close with some quotes about Mnemosyne from various sources

In Hesiod's Theogony, kings and poets receive their powers of authoritative speech from their possession of Mnemosyne and their special relationship with the Muses. (Wikipedia page)

See also: Meme (Wikipedia)

MNEME (Mnêmê), i. e. memory, was one of the three Muses that were in early times worshipped at Ascra in Boeotia. (Paus. ix. 29. § 2.) But there seems to have also been a tradition that Mneme was the mother of the Muses, for Ovid (Met. v. 268) calls them Mnemonides; unless this be only an abridged form for the daughters of Mnemosyne. (

...Long hair... loved to be combed... (Some semi-kiddie greek myth book I loved as a kid. This is why I picked her)

Kin is mine
The outfit is loosely based on one originally designed by Naoko Takeuchi
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