Rise from the Ashes Picture

Rise from the Ashes is the first in a series of seven digitally manipulated photo prints, inspired by Dante Alighieri's Inferno, vampire fiction, and Singapore's own, unique folklore. It forms the background for the splash page of Camarilla Singapore, a gaming and improvised theatre troupe's new website.

In this instance, the mythological Chinese hell, the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, and the fires of Dante's Inferno were transposed on a very real subterranean tunnel. The figure at the centre is backlit, not merely for contrast, but to evidence how he's moving on, without ever looking back. The Chinese believe that in the afterlife, the soul moves inexorably forward, and once it passes through the Tunnel of Remembrance (similar to the Lethe River), it forgets the past.

Many cultures believe that the Phoenix is a powerful symbol of rebirth, and this symbol emanates from the soul at the centre of the picture. It appears as if, by passing through hellfire, that soul is itself purified, and given wings. The phoenix's outline also resembles, in a certain fashion, an angel of Christian myth.

(From the series "Seven Facets", Copyright 2005)
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