500 Thanks Picture

I've never been able to get into Yu-Gi-Oh. I've tried, I've made a very honest effort. But I've just never been able to quite grasp it. Between the anorexic pseudo-bondage fashion, the incomprehensible plot brimming with with quasi-Egyptian mythology, and the overriding weirdassery of it all, I'm completely lost whenever I try to watch or read it.

Naturally, this is Lethe's favorite anime. >_<

And who gets the 500th pageview? Lethe. Fun. Fun. Since I said I'd do giftart, I kept my word. So here it is: me in the previously mentioned pseudo-bondage getup. Enjoy.

And Lethe, don't get any ideas. XE

.5 mechanical pencil, Sakura Microns, Photoshop Elements, GIMP
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