Volunteer Sketches 3 Picture

|D This is what happens when I'm bored while volunteering at the hospital. I work in the radiology department, and most of the time I'm in the waiting room, waiting for people to give me papers to run or direct people.

So, of course, when I was stapling papers and a blank one popped up, I saved it, and stole the pencil in the holder and drew... :3

Main focus: Lethe, a character in a story that I'm thinking of writing. :3 She uses a scythe to fight, and so that's what's on her necklace and hair clip. Also, if you know your mythology: Lethe is the river of Forgetfulness in the Underworld. She believe that Kronos was the most powerful being in existence, and supports him.

All here(c) me
Except Stitch (c) Chris Sanders
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