Smiley-guardian of the Gates Picture

SOOO another OC,
doesn't have a name either but he is associated with my story that I am currently writing, so I can give a little bio

According to Greek Mythology;
In the underworld, land of the dead, or hell, whichever you prefer to call it there is only one way to leave if you managed to enter this world still alive, through the gates. You have a choice though, choose the gate of Horn and remember everything you have seen as reality, choose the gate of Ivory and it will all fade to a dream.

Little did the Greeks know that the gates are not so easily accessed, they are guarded by these creatures, gargoyles of hell. They have no eyes, their world is too dark, only given light by a soft glow that flows through the Styx, Acheron, Lethe, Phlegethon and Cocytus rivers. Instead they use something akin to echolocation, their massive ears attuned to hear all the small sounds hidden by the wailing of tortured souls. They wait by the gates for hundreds of years, for rarely are the gates approached. The only sign of life is the constant drool running down their teeth and dripping from their jaws since these beasts are also hungry for unlucky souls or living souls who managed to get this far...

story and creature belong to me.
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