-:Charon,Styx,Lethe and gate:- Picture

~In Greek mythology, Charon was the ferryman of the underworld. He took the newly dead from one side of the river Styx (Styx had miraculous powers and could make someone immortal.) to the other if they had an obolus (coin) to pay for the ride... Lethe literally means "forgetfulness" or "concealment" so drinking from the river Lethe caused complete forgetfulness... Duh XD... Some ancient Greeks believed that souls were made to drink from the river before being reincarnated, so they would not remember their past lives... Also the gates protected by Cerberus, a threeheaded guad dog. The gates wheres made of fire and disillusionment, also in his interior lived the spirit of a sphinx who made up riddles for the spirits who wanted to pass trought.

I love myths... So i related this photo with them... Specially with this ones... Meaby u can get to see what i saw in it.. or meaby not... U can get to see charon... Styx with his strange water... Lethe full of white spirits... The gates sorrounded with red fire.~
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