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A quick overview of my character who will be enrolling in #AoHC next semester. : ) I hope I can get in. ; m ;

- - -

Name: Lethe Belle (pronounced "Lee-Thee")
Nickname: Airhead, Scarfgirl
Age: 17
House: Incarnatus
Accessory: A pink bunny pendant. (It's not the scarf. xD)
Weapon: The scarf.

Lethe, born of the Belle family, was enrolled by her parents into the Academy of Heroes in hopes of her improving her magic skills. She was born with a relatively large reservoir of Eden, but in exchange for that her memory and health are rather poor. Her terrible memory in turn makes her a terrible magician because she cannot remember the spells used to channel her energy.

The only spell she can remember by heart is one her mother taught her way back when she was little because she always got lost-- a spell that can conjure a map of the area she is in.

She has had few friends because no one could bear her forgetfulness and general uselessness. She likes animals, but for some reason they don't like her back. Lethe is secretly hoping she meets someone who would be her friend in AoH but her admiration for the other students is holding her back. That, and she always tends to say the wrong things at the wrong time.

Other Info:
- Is rather envious of her schoolmates' fancy dresses. Lethe always wishes her mum bought her clothes like that.
- In Greek mythology, Lethe is a river in Hades whose waters caused forgetfulness.
- Doesn't like vegetables.
- Never shows her legs. Always wears either stockings, high socks or leggings.
- Has a huge crush on teacher Elliot Lewin.

- - -

What a negative character. xDDD;; I wonder if she'll grow and learn new things at the Academy?

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