Lakhesis Picture

What is this I don't even--

This is what happens when I stay up until 4 AM with nothing to do but drink chai tea and listen to Lunatica. And even then, I'm still not sure what my mind was thinking.

The bastard daughter of a lycanthrope and a witch, Lakhesis found herself confined to one singular form, unlike her father, who could go from human to wolf once a month on the full moon, or her mother, who could take any form she desired with just a flick of her hand and the right combination of words. She didn't always look as extreme as she does now--she ended up this way after one too many spells backfired on her. Lakhesis specializes in magic that deals with poison--she can cause someone to die slowly with a parasitic spell that eats away from them internally, or she could even remove poisons in the body if she so desires. It is a fitting ability for one like her, as Lachesis was the one who measured out man's lifespan in mythology--if she wants you to live a long life, she will help you, but on the flipside, if she wants you to die, she can slowly kill you from the inside out. The marks on her body are special runes that help amplify the power of her magic.

Lineart by =sugarpoultry.

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