The Three Fates Picture

The Three Fates are MYTHOLOGICAL greek death goddesses. If you have seen Hercules/Heracles (I think they are the same but who cares) you'll know what Im talking about. In case you don't, The Three Fates are these 3 old ladies that associate a persons life with a string, so the one on the far left is Clothos, who spins the Thread of Life, Lachesis, who measures how much a man will live, and the third one is Atropos, the one who decides when a man will die, and when that happens, she cuts the thread with her shears, but here it's claws since cats cand hold a big pair of sciccors. So I have been reading this awesome book called The Outsiders, about god and warriors and stuff, so I kinda got inspired. Hope you like it!!!!!!!
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