Laquesis - Kid Icarus OC Picture

I'll explain the "oneshot" thingy later.
This is my Kid Icarus OC.

Name: Laquesis (Spanish name of Lachesis/Lakhesis, the second one of the fates or Moirae in Greek Mythology)
Age: 18-20
Occupation: Bringing Bad Luck
Loyal to: None
Weapon: the Halberd.
items: Mirror. It shows what everybody wants to be or what they truly are.

*Fighting Style: Fond to weaponry to fight, she may use her traits for strategy only.
*Special Abilities: Special resistance to Magic, resistant to physical hits, Her black wings can open up and fire rapid shadowy feathers that passes through shields, Her eyes are cursed so she trained her other senses to fight without relying on her sight, this helps her to find with precision people who are hiding from her too.

An Angel from Skyworld that was punished because of her narcisim and saying she has the most beautiful eyes. Godess Parthena punished her by placing a curse on her eyes, Now she can't show her "beautiful eyes" or people who directly see them will suddenly fall in a lot of pain.
Medusa felt insulted by this curse and decided to give her a "gift" too, Giving her special resistance against magic and physical abilities.
this mix of darkness and light have gave her strong magical powers that manifest on artifacts, her mirror one of them.

She later lives exhiled between the skyworld and the underworld in a place that can only be found if she wishes you to find it or if you posses something that belonged to her and has some of her magic on it.

Resistant to most hard blows and wielding the halberd she is a strong fighter alone, and deadly using her curse and magic given to her.

The Halberd, is a medieval weapon used by Knights. It consists of a lance-long weapon with a sharp point on its end but also has an Axe and hammer heads close to it.

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