Alice what's the matter Picture

well a cover sketch for a comic "ALICE what's the matter - The Moirae "
yap.. back to old style for this one.. manga style..
she is the three moirae in one.. Clotho(spins thread), Lachesis(measures thread) & Atropus(cuts thread)
or in other mythologys :

The Parcae (Roman) - Nona, Decuma & Morta

The Norns (Norse) - Urd or "Urth"(Past), Verdandi or "Verthandi"(Present) & Skuld(Future)

Laimas (Latvian Mythology) Laima, Karta and Dekla

The Wyrd Sisters(Anglo-Saxon)

The Holle (Northern Europe) - Tripple Goddess, Mother-Maiden-Crone

The Hecate

Three in One

the comic title is from a music of Terrorvision

the lines on her backs are the threads of thousand lifes

this is a sketch.. but i hope you like it
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