Talk about style. Picture

A Goth Lolita girl. Just wanted to draw a gothic lolita outfit. >< I know it's scribbley and ignore the fail hand but.. xD Just letting you know I'm still drawing (for those of you who don't watch my scraps). I'll colour this sometime but if you want to colour it too you're most welcome too. Just please credit me?

She's actually supposed to be Lachesis. Obviously an alternate universe one. xD One of the 3 fates, yep.. in classical mythology.. that's why she has a ruler. She measures out your life on the thread another fate spins, and the last fate cuts it... oooh.. Except clearly in my pic she doesn't share an eyeball with the others. (yes, I did draw the two other fates in different styles but I dunno if I'll complete those pics >< )

I guess she belongs to me and also belongs to the ancient greeks. xD

(hey hey I linearted with an ink pen too for once! This is a big deal. *usually linearts everything with the tablet* )
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