Taffetas Figure Studies Picture

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The Taffetas is a pitch for an animated soap opera with a fantasy spin. It's about a bubbly ex-sea captain and her uptight, undead crush as they try to hold on to their mismatched relationship despite the outlandish drama they encounter in the contemporary, mythology-filled city in which they live.

Excuse the messiness as I explore some figure studies for the characters of The Taffetas. The fist half are our main characters Veil and Gemini - with a little bit more detail than you're likely to see for final art - and the bottom half is me jotting down the basic body type ideas for each character that I can guess will be in the pitch based on current significance in the story (which *DemonGemini6 and I are working on atm). In order are Elena, Lace (Veil's mom), Sapphire (Gem's Bestie), Lachesis, Gabardine (Veil's Dad), Baby Tomato, Damien, Crow, Wolf. It's really important to me that each character be their own unique person mentally and physically, so I'll be playing with these ideas more as we go along.

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