The Moirae Know Your Destiny Picture

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The Moirae, commonaly known as 'The Fates', were three white robed personifications of destiny. They controlled the thread of life for every mortal and immortal from birth to death, and beyond. Even the gods feared the Moirae. The three Moirae were:

Clotho- The youngest sister, spun the thread of life. She is portrayed as the woman furthest right.

Lachesis- The middle sister, measured the thread of life, and is portrayed as the woman in the middle.

Atropos- The eldest sister, was the cutter of the thread. She chose the manner of the persons death, and is the furthest left woman.

This piece is also entered into *Dianae's contest 'Gods, Goddesses and Mythology'. This is from greek mythology. I have tried very hard on this, and I hope that you nice deviants like it
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