Le Parche Picture

2009. Colored pencils on sketch paper plus digital retouch.

Complete artwork.

They're the representation of Parcae, or Moirae, mythological characters that rule over the human Life. The firts one is called Cloto, he one who spins the Life; Lachesi, the second one, weaves the yarn and breaths life into it, Atropo, the last one interrupts the life cutting the yarn of Life. For each one of them I've kept a stronger allegory putting some elements from insects world, so Cloto has a Butterfly, the final result of silkworm; Lachesi has a Spider allegory of life and doom; Atropo instead has a Scorpion that better represents the end, the death.
I've thought to color them completely with acrylics and I've just some oval canvas I will use for them!
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