My Desktop Caos Picture

WELL, I haven't put a new pic of my Desktop.

Yesterday I was kind of blue and mythological so I looked out for a an epic Pic for my desktop. And in my journeys i found this awsome pic of Kratos beeting the living hell of thosands of warriors D: sooo I said to my self THIS GOTTA BE MINE!!!!!!

And well... yeah thats my working space, with my Windows Media player ( I'm old fashion don't like the winamp really...) with my Halo 2 Skin >_< that makes more noises that waht it plays LOL.

And last but not that less important My All cute Otaclock, waching out for me LOL.

WELL... YEAH... this is the link for the wallpaper for all of you God of war Lovers: [link]
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