Matriarch of All Monsters Picture

Name: Poison
Meaning: N/A
Reason: What her father believed she was
Gender: Female
Breed: Vampire
Clans: Raslyn
Allegiance: Dark
Homes: Escalindaro – Valley of Mystery – Storm Valley
Relatives: Daughter of Raslyn and Luclin (1st), half-sister of Irniid
Mates: Storm Front - Elctirnaba
Offspring: Adopted mother of Starlight but mother of…
1st Litter – Phantom, Fallen Angel, Prince of Darkness and Dracoana
2nd Litter – Demonslover, Messenger of Death and Daemoncorps
3rd Litter – Thierry, Cerintad, Domino, Luclin, and Akasha
4th Litter - Zeus, Kratos, Mossy and Treachery
5th Litter - Carpe Noctem, Disturbed, Blutengel, Rebellion, Raphael and Anastasia
6th Litter – Harper, Feiert, Schwarze Sonne, Defiance and Adrenaline
Suggested Voice Actor: Glenn Close
Theme Songs: Lucifer by Blutengel
Position: Goddess of Evil
Position Held For: 9999 Until ???
Life-span: Born 9829 – Dies ???
Greatest Ally: Elctirnaba
Greatest Enemy: Storm Front
Comic Appearances: Black Lamb, Luclin’s Lover and even Demon on the Battlefield not to mention her If we Were Human Story… Requiem for the Forbidden

Produced as her father so casually termed it as “a product of an unfortunate experiment in social activities”, Poison was immediately rejected by her father and abandoned alongside her upset and highly dangerous mother. Her life was not going to be easy because whenever she was out her mother was hounded for being a vampire dragon and seeing Poison… who was no doubt Raslyn’s only child… the hunters and revenge-seekers were after her. Forced to live on the run, despise other dragons and more importantly understand that her father was an abuser, Poison was force-fed her mother’s prerogative that power was of more importance then love, but that children were the ultimate immortality.

Poison had to learn fast, even gaining some powers of manipulation of fire from what her father had taught her mother, but overall Poison was kept moving. She was never permitted to have friends, never allowed to talk to her prey when she fed blood or do anything that was not approved of by her mother. The only freedom Poison had came from her worship of the gods, her worship of the god that had trained her sire and must protect his dark spawn – Elctirnaba. In dream Poison was guided to her destiny by Elctirnaba and told that she would become the Queen of Evil, the mother of a dynasty of darkness… but that she must pay a heavy price for it….

Sadly Poison’s introduction to working for the dark powers came when they were invited by her father to assist him in the battles in the Escan Wars. Poison’s mother was killed swiftly and she was filled with a madness and anxiety – what could she do without her mother? Her father certainly had no use for her…

She was a great warrior and got revenge for her mother’s killers but found no satisfaction in doing any fighting for any side. She had no real purpose and instead begged the gods to aid her and show her what she needed to do. For a long time during the wars she had no answer, she felt abandoned by them and terrified, keeping in the shadows and joining the Vala Clan in becoming a hired assassin – though what price but life could she be given? In such a role she found out what other dragons were like… that they were all afraid and delighted by different things and that they all seemed ugly… none of them were ever really worthy of what they had. They said they had good blood but at the end of the day none of them were as wondrous as they thought themselves to be – blood tastes the same and Poison eventually became fed up and left to Dragondera… only to start dying because she could not find a suitable dragon to gain blood from, so hateful of her own kind….

It was then however that a benevolent and beautiful dragon approached her. She had been in trouble and he had gone to her side to give her blood and a home. She had initially intended just to regain her strength and find a new home, after-all the females in this male’s harem hated her and called her strange… but he did not. His male was Storm Front and he seemed to truly adore her courage, her independence and the dark aura that was around her. He spent hours talking to her and Poison formed a secondary advisor to the clan, in fact Storm Front had not chosen a mate yet and as a powerful dragon lord, Poison knew that she was in a good chance of power and stability. But deep down she cared for him too, he did not judge her for what she was and instead she made sure that whoever was rude to her was told off and if she was rude he would tell her off too. His balanced manner and general kindness made Poison’s skin crawl but her blood burn – it was inevitable that she had young with him, but she feared that they would be as kind as him and would sicken her too…

Making a prayer to Elctirnaba she was startled when he granted her a wish; he would train one of her offspring to be dark and one of her others would be the most feared on Dragondera… from her union with Storm Front, Poison produced a creature that would later be reviled as incestuous, insane and the most loathsome wretch imaginable – Prince of Darkness. But she also produced Dracoana, who would become the King’s key advisor.

But her deal with Elctirnaba had not come without a price and later she allowed him to mate her to produce her three dangerous children. This Storm Front had guessed over, but he had not gone against Poison’s wishes, believing her to be a free spirit and that was why he chose Daystar for his wife and lady of the territory – not Poison. But this ended up being taken the wrong way and Poison became very angry with him, his reasoning made no sense and knowing that Daystar hated her the most, Poison left the territory, breaking her own heart and Storm Front’s to do so. She went to Storm Valley where Elctirnaba requested her be his new wife. Poison was eager for the power but there was a cost different to breaking her heart – loosing a limb! Once it was taken she was given a new one made of black onyx and this was what held all the power and kept her bound to her god mate – she was a goddess now.

It was then that her father returned and tried to get her on his side, to make him a god too… but Poison is not that stupid! In fact she’s quite happy with every dark spawn she produces and makes a point of how much she hates Storm Front and his brood – even though secretly she still loves him.


Created on the old RPG of Dragondera you would never have believed that the first dragoness with the vampire breed, who as accepted into Storm Front’s family would end up producing a dynasty of monstrous animals. She is the one that started it all, a rival for Ekhidna in Greek Mythology I think
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Original Character © Melinda Shepherd
Re-design & Continuation of character ©
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