Top 10 Favorite Villains Picture

So, here on out, you guys have seen good guys right? Now lets get on this list with a twist of villainy. THAT'S right, my top 10 favorite villains, so here me out, these guys are my personal opinions and don't complain if another certain villain is on here. Rules are simple, one character per franchise and I'll try to be original as possible. So, here is my top 10 favorite villains. MWAHAHAHAHAHAH. Sorry, HAD to.

10. Hades (Hercules)
Out of all the Disney villains, Hades is by FARRR my favorite one. Since he is based on an ACTUAL Greek god, mythology itself got me interested in him. Also, his personality is a joy to see considering that he doesn't really act proper compared to the others but can be hilarious at times. Also, some of his plans are actually creative when I was a kid watching this movie. Also, despite his two minions almost ruining his plans, he is still persistent as always. But sadly,
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