UMvC3 Costume Colors 1 - Raptor Leader Picture

Four colors of my OC Raptor Leader
Default Color: [link]

1st color: Nostalgic moments from Jurassic Park. Can't tell about their colors. The orange is for male and brown is female [link]

2nd color: One of Capcom's classic PS1 games, Dino Crisis.

3rd color: Dead Space's Brute. He can control parasites at his will, and more resistance to parasitic infections even zombie's infection

4th color: Kratos from the God of War games. Unlike Kratos where he seek revenge on the gods. He want revenge on superheros and want them extinct. He also hold some anicent weapons from mythology before returning Earth in the year 2990 A.D. Also called himself The Deity of Dinosaur.

Two more colors is coming soon...

Raptor Leader ©
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