Shirley Estrella Devlin Picture

I drew this a while back; meant to upload it sooner.

Anyway, this is another one of my original characters.

Meet Shirley Estrella Devlin. She lives on the futuristic Earth (the Moon had been terraformed to give it a likeness to Earth environmental-wise), somewhere in the 2600's or something. The leaders of the Moon rebel against their Earth-bound rulers and a civil war starts.

Shirley is a special kind of gunner, a class of soldier that's espeically hard to obtain liscence to. The guns she handles fire syringes of nanmachines programmed to perform a specific function, for harm or otherwise. I.E. if she sees a wounded person in the battlefield, she can fire a syringe-dart of medicinal nanomachines at him/her to help keep the wounds from getting worse until help arrives. The harmful nanomachines aren't lethal; they're just used to diable people performing roles threatening to opposing military operations.

Originally Shirley fought for the Lunar people, but upon discovering the rotten core of the leaders, she defects to the Terran army and brings the Lunar rebels under control.

I drew her with curly hair because her hairstyle would look too generic if it were straight. When I tried drawing her face up front ... I couldn't do it. Hahah.

If I get too lazy to put Shirley in an original story, I'll just stick in a Star Ocean fanfic or something. Like, pre-SOIII.
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