Contest- Skourin Picture

Name: Skourin

Height: 213 feet tall
Length: 250 feet long
Weight: Unknown

Weapons & Abilities:

(hint:, "-" means normal attacks, "*" means special attacks)

-Good amount of strength
-Very thick armor
-Average speed
-His left arm's a large pincer that can crush and carry objects
-Powerful tail and stinger, but no poison
-Good jumper
-He can travel underground

*His two large eyes on top of his head can shoot large red lightning beams
*His right arm can transform into a long blade that does contain deadlt toxic
*Thanks for his size, "almost" any kind of flame cant harm him
*His stinger can suck up energy of any enemy to gain power, for a limited time
*He breaths out a red Thunder Beam

His neck is the only body part that doesnt contain armor.
Any enemy that is faster then him.
Lava is hotter than fire, will most likely harm Skourin.

Aggresive, his intillegence is average

Fighting Style:
Kind of a boxer-wrestler.
With stinger and/or blade he is a bit of swordsman.

He was one of a great mythology creatures, but they know Skourin was to dangerous, he could destroy them all so they banish him to Earth. Nobody knows about Skourin's past, but he is corupted by unknown twisted power and he'll use that power to demolish other monster and get revenge on the Mythology creatures for sending him away. Although he has other adventures he leads to, but, destroying all Mythology creatures is his number one goal.
Imagine him as Kratos from "God of War".
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