God of War Picture

So this is a God of War background. 1 of 3 or 4 that i'll be uploading. Focuses mainly on Kratos.

Its fairly awesome, kinda an experiment on my part, using different tones to try and transition the pictures in and make them look natural. If you notice, kratos in the center is a lot lighter than any of the other pictures. Hes also a bit fuzzy. Im experimenting and trying to see if its betetr to have a sharper image in the middle surrounded by softer ones, or the opposite. Looks okay to me.

ALso, the title of the game at the top is kinda sketchy. its because i had to actually edit it out of a picture (without photoshop software) and then try and get the background to disappear. This version was the best looking one out of all my attempts to isolate the words.

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