Reaver Final Picture

Here is my Final composition for my Intro to Photoshop class. Since I already had a thorough understanding of photoshop and most of its tool this class wasnt really necessary except for the pre-requisites of other classes.

Our assignment: Using your own photo reference create a mythological figure in a mythological environment.

We took a trip to the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco to take some reference. The buildings and wall and everything other than the guy are photo reference from the palace of Fine Arts.

The character is my teacher. He's a chill guy and he was glad to put on costumes and pose for us. He had no idea he could look so badass.

I decided to go for a God of War theme. A lone warrior who is just blooddrunk and hungry for battle takes down the tower of the gods. (Kinda like what God of War III looks like).

The Big sword on his back didn't actually exist, I had to make it in Illustrator. The hilt and the other glowing sword are really just pictures of a Buck knife I have.

For once a piece I am truly proud of.
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