Brutus the Tiger Picture

Another new character I made inspired only by Greek Mythology this time.

He's a male OC and a tiger, named Brutus. He's a demigod and the son of Cratus(NOT Kratos from God of War!), god of strength, might, power, and sovereign rule. Just like Razor, Brutus has super and herculean strength, and there's more in his metallic gauntlets than meets the eye. While fighting as he uses them, they can transform into many heavy powerful things and weapons(like metal hammers, axes, etc.) and make his attacks stronger just like Jugo from Naruto Shippuden. Brutus is a teen just like Dusk, Radian, and the other two team members(Percy and Anna), but he is taller and much muscular. He is also a friend to Dusk and Radian and the third team member beside Percy and Anna. He is the muscle of the team, too.

Brutus is © to me
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